February Valentine’s scrappy hearts

So this has been a really positive (although really long) week for me! I’ve had three days of lectures exploring further qualitative research methods which has been both fascinating and tiring all in one! I’ve also received the marks on two of my essays (which were really challenging…quantitative research…need I say more?!) and received marks which surpassed my expectations! Cue celebrations!

I also received some scraps from Creative Quilting in Surrey ( http://www.creativequilting.co.uk/ ). They have incredibly beautiful fabrics and were so friendly and lovely. There is so much negativity and division within our world at the moment and yet they reminded me the power of ‘random acts of kindness’. It was so lovely to experience someone demonstrating such kindness and generosity to make someone happy with no hidden agenda. So a massive, massive thank you to Creative Quilting!

So this weekend I have celebrated by sewing with scraps!!

I ironed some bondaweb onto squares of felt. Then I placed (and ironed) some of the scraps onto the bondaweb. I made 3 squares using straight lines and one square with a more random placing of the scraps  (but even then, my random is pretty planned – that’s the nature of being a list/ordered girl I guess!). 

I then loaded my machine up with G├╝termann Sulky Rayon 30 and free-motioned on top of the pink squares until I knew each edge was incredibly secure! 

With Valentine’s in mind I wanted to try some hearts out so I cut out a total of 18 hearts from my 2 pink squares and laid them onto white cotton! 

Now to hand stitch them into place…!

N x