January #1yearofstitches 

Happy January 31st! I’ve definitely upped my blog challenge by trying to do a stitch a day! I probably did this anyway with my English Paper Piecing but there is something different about having some linen in an embroidery hoop waiting for something creative and beautiful to be embroidered upon it (maybe it doesn’t need to be creative or beautiful – these are probably the limits/pressures I have placed upon myself!)

So here is a collage of my January embroidery for my year in stitches challenge: 

 There are varying shades of greens and turquoises and I keep being drawn to DMC 907 so I might have to restock soon! 

I have also kept a diary each day of the thread I used, the stitch I made, and any accompanying thoughts/feelings. These include things like stitching a heart for my Dad’s birthday on January 5th, stitching small circle using a running stitch because I had started a new kantha circles piece on January 15th, and using a DMC Jewel Effects thread because I was feeling a bit blue and wanted something glitzy to brighten my day on January 17th!

Here is a closer photo of my January embroidery for my year in stitches: 

See you next month!

N x


A new year…a new challenge!

So I have seen a few groups on Facebook encouraging ‘a stitch a day’ and as much as I love my English Paper Piecing, hand stitching will remain my first love. So,inspired by this, I have joined the group ‘1 year in stitches:2017’. 

Cross stitch was the first stitch I learnt (aged 7!) and for many, many years I found respite in cross stitch. It enabled me to feel creative whilst also feeling held and secure through following the structure of a specified pattern. It allowed me to get lost in the continuous rhythm of simply going up and down to form a repetitive cross. It also allowed me to feel constructive during times of passivity. So I felt a cross stitch was the perfect stitch for starting this new year’s challenge!! I chose the colour green after seeing it is the Pantone colour of the year 2017 (plus I am also biased as it is my favourite colour!)

So for January 1st I did a small row of cross stitches on linen:

For January 2nd I did a straight stitch over each cross: 

 I am excited to see how it progresses but don’t worry, it won’t be daily updates!

I hope you all had a lovely new year!

N x