Finding inspiration in everyday objects…

So I’ve had a really busy month and unfortunately, due to ill health, I haven’t been able to use my sewing machine or do my usual patchwork block of the month. I have to admit that I’d started to draft this blog post in August when I was able to use my machine and had made a new block after a trip to my Aunt’s house (I’ll expand more in a bit!). Luckily, being super eager/keen bean/organised paid off as it means I can keep up my NY resolution with my blog posts but just with a slightly different block than usual for this month. I am really hoping things will continue to improve and I will catch up for lost time by doing both the September and October blocks together next month! 

 I went to the Festival of Quilts during August having entered my first EPP quilt into the competitions. It wasn’t until I’d arrived and hunted down the quilt that I found a sign next to it saying “Highly Commended”. Cue the Mum taking lots of photos with me by the quilt, me by the sign, of the sign alone, of the quilt alone etc etc! Although it was a very long and tiring day (with lots of walking, shopping and photos) it was hugely exciting to have that recognition and to make the Mum proud! 

I have found that once you start doing patchwork (or even textiles in any form) it is really hard not to see inspiration in everyday objects! 

My boyfriend and I recently went to Italy and went past a beautiful old church but what really caught my attention was it’s roof…to me it looked like lots of mini hexagons – almost like an English Paper Piecing roof!! 

Maybe that subconsciously filtered through and influenced the 500+ 1/2″ hexagons that I basted whilst I was there…! 

Even the hotel logo had me thinking about the Tumbling Blocks pattern that is so popular within patchwork. It left me wondering whether I would have the right colours to replicate it myself once I got home…if not then I’m sure I could justify buying a bit more fabric for the ever-growing stash 😉 

This ‘inspiration in everday objects’ (or maybe just obsession) went one step further when I stayed at my Aunt’s house last month. I found myself looking at the pattern of her dressing gown and wondering how I could replicate it in patchwork! 

So I started to challenge myself to make a patchwork block based on the dressing gown! I tried to separate out sections of the block into more manageable pieces before working out the sizes for each piece (including seam allowance). 

Then with fingers crossed  (and breath held!) I translated this from paper to fabric to make my Dressing Gown block (in my own colours). 

So whilst it isn’t an exact replica of the dressing gown I hope you can see this progression from object to paper to textiles! I hope to make several more of these blocks over the coming months and I can’t wait to show the photos as they come together to make my Dressing Gown quilt.

I guess this notion of finding patchwork patterns and inspiration in everyday objects means I am well and truly hooked!!

N x