Stitching with love

‚ÄčI love the idea of creating a quilt for someone you love. As it develops you are holding them in mind and wondering if they’ll like the pattern, the colours, the texture and the design. With every stitch you are piecing together some sort of memory, thought
and emotion that is linked to that person and it is forming something tangible: a handcrafted quilt. That quilt then acts as a physical representation of the love and care you have for that person. I also feel this process of stitching for someone you love
echoes something of John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory as you are holding that person in mind during the making of the quilt even when they are not physically present. Also, through the process of making a quilt for that person there is so much love, care, attention and focus being put into it and the recipient can then envelope themselves in that quilt and that tangible representation
of the maker’s love for them. That way even when the maker of the quilt is not physically present the recipient can still feel their presence, care and thought as it is embodied in the quilt as the tangible representation of their love. 

I love this notion of creating a quilt and stitching for someone you love whilst incorporating shared memories into the texture, the colour and the pattern of the fabric. SO…with this in mind I am making a special 2016 quilt for my mum for Christmas! Each
time Mum and I have gone away or done something special during 2016 I have bought 2 fat quarters (a pre-cut piece of fabric) to commemorate it! I am using a pattern called Penny Tiles which was designed by
the fantastic Messy Jessie at Sew and Quilt (http:// ).
Mum and I both buy our English Paper Piecing templates from Sew and Quilt so it seemed like the perfect place to get the design for the quilt.

So I’ve recorded the memory behind each block here (also to partly help me to remember them when it comes to writing them down for the card to accompany the quilt at Christmas!

Block 1: Mum and I went away to Cornwall just after Christmas 2015 and we visited The Sewing Studio in Redruth which is where the first 2 fat quarters were bought!

Block 2: In February Mum and I went to London to see the exhibition Liberty in Fashion at the Fashion and Textile Museum. I bought 2 Liberty fat quarters from Alice Caroline to make this block: 

Block 3: At the start of March Mum and I had a girly day trip to Cardiff for Mother’s Day, pizza and shopping! We also went to Busy Bees Patchwork in Newport which is where I bought the 2 fat quarters to make this block: 

Block 4: Doughty’s came to Shirehampton! Reading through the local paper we saw that Doughty’s was visiting Shirehampton Village Hall and wow did they bring a lot of fabric! I also came across a local stitching group called Shire Stitchers (who had organised Doughty’s visit) so March was definitely a good month and I couldn’t resist adding these 2 fat quarters to the stash and to make block 4: 

Block 5: At the end of March/start of April we went back to Cornwall. We couldn’t travel all that way without visiting The Sewing Studio again so another 2 fat quarters were bought from there to make block 5: 

Block 6: For May Bank Holiday we went to Center Parcs with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Mum and I went into Warminster and I bought a fat quarter from Think Outside the Box which I used to make the centre of the block. We then went into a charity shop which had several metres of fabric including some by Andover and Makower so I used one of these fabrics (called Dimples) for the triangles around the edges. 

Block 7: This block was made using 2 fat quarters that I bought from Pins and Needles in New York: 

Block 8: This block was made using 2 fat quarters from The City Quilter in New York: 

Block 9: This is the most recent block made using fat quarters from Amsterdam. The centre of the block was made from a Robert Kaufman fat quarter which I bought in Birdblocks and the outer triangles were made from a Dutch Heritage fat quarter bought in Den Haan and Wagenmakers: 

So I’ve made 9 ‘blocks’ so far and hope to have 12 ‘blocks’ by the end of the year…I just hope I quilt it and bind it in time for Christmas!! 

Ps. I’m still going with the New Year’s Resolution of learning a new patchwork block each month! This is my August block: