January Block – The Pinwheel

So no matter how good my intentions were for starting a patchwork block during the first week of January (or maybe it’s a case of being a bit over eager?!) – I only started on Thu 21st! I kept putting it off because I just had no idea where to start but I saw a workshop advertised for a Pinwheel Cushion at Make and Do in Bristol ( http://www.mymakeanddo.co.uk ) and it was a fantastic starting point! Despite the inevitable nerves at going somewhere new, I had a great evening, the people on the workshop were incredibly friendly and I can’t rate the place highly enough! !
We started by choosing two fabrics for our pinwheels before using the sizzix machine to cut out half square triangles (if you haven’t tried the sizzix it is a must!). Then we would sew a triangle from each fabric together to make 4 squares. This is when you must pay attention to the tutor because if you don’t, you may make the mistake I did by sewing the squares together wrongly thereby missing the pinwheel effect altogether!!


So. Time for take 2! Back to the sizzix machine to cut out 4 triangles from each of the two fabrics, sewing the triangles together to make 4 squares and then MAKING SURE I SEW THEM TOGETHER CORRECTLY!! Ta-da!!


I’ve been itching to make more and I tried playing with a different fabric with a directional pattern – talk about making extra work eh?! I had to pay extra attention when cutting it out to make sure the direction of the pattern stayed constant…not a task to try whilst watching anything good on the telly!


Now back to the fabric stash to try and find something suitable for the other 4 triangles….or maybe I’ll have to treat myself to something new!! A girl can never have too much eh?! Can’t wait for the second part of the Pinwheel workshop this coming Thursday where we add the sashing before turning it into a cushion! Watch this space…. xx


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